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The art of Lock picking

This simply involves the manipulation of a lock in order to compromise it without the use of its designated key. This can be done for a variety of purposes. In crime fighting for example, a SWAT team might decide to kick a door open in other to quickly get closer to a criminal. Also, it could be a robber in the night or a prisoner who is trying to escape. Lock picking can be done for either a good or a bad reason. In most cases though, people often need insider information to breach some locks.

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Picking a lock varies on the level of skill and preferences of a West Palm Beach locksmith. It also varies on the state of the mind of a lock pick, a fire fighter and a prisoner on the loose might apply force while a expert lock picker could be more gentle in other to cause as little damage or noise as possible. Raking is one example of out of many ways in which a lock can be picked. It involves varying the position of parts of a lock in order obtain a variety of key depths and it is often effective provided the component parts of a key are predictable. Key bumping can be used to pick a lock. It involves the right amount of energy on parts of a key. A tennis ball for example can be used to be used to unlock a car door with relative ease provided the individual knows how to apply the right amount of energy.

Another form of key picking is impressioning. This simply involves creating an impression of a key on materials such as soft clay or on a bar of soap. This impression can later be copied and molded into the original key design which can further be used to open a lock at any other time. By far, the most common type of key picking involves the use of pins: paper clips, piece of copper wire, bobby pins or warded lock picks. Since 1997, the industry has had approximately the same amount of establishments with an increase in sales totaling approximately $233,725.

Lots of hand cuffs and keys have been picked by the use of this method and the picker simply becomes resourceful by looking for any tiny material in other to force open a lock. This kind of manipulation most times involves the direct attack of the ratchet instead of trying to manipulate the lock mechanism of the key. The West Palm Beach locksmith industry has relatively low barriers for entry. The startup costs are low with the courses to become a locksmith being cheap and many are available on line or at local trade schools. The industry has done very well in keeping up with advances in technology. The amount of competition is relative to the area of location. Many locksmiths get most of their business from people walking in off the street. There are lots of  key competitor in this industry  in the current time.